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How to Choose the Right Wax Resin Ribbon for Your Labeling Needs

  • July 12 2023

wax resin ribbon

Label printing plays a crucial role in various industries from F&B to retail and logistics. They carry barcodes and text to capture essential information for efficient identification and tracking of products. The use of thermal ribbons is a hassle-free solution to ease the printing process. Among the different types of thermal transfer ribbons, wax resin ribbons stand out as a versatile and reliable option. 

In this blog, we will unpack the advantages of wax resin ribbon in label printing, along with factors to consider when purchasing them.

What is a Wax Resin Ribbon?

Wax resin ribbon is a type of thermal transfer ribbon that combines the properties of both wax and resin ribbons. They offer excellent print quality, durability, and versatility across a range of applications. They are best suited for long-lasting prints as they offer a higher resistance to smudging and fading compared to wax ribbons. They are also more cost-effective than resin ribbons, making them the perfect middle ground for good print quality.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Wax Resin Ribbon

When choosing to go for wax resin ribbons for your thermal transfer printing, you can consider the following factors:

Label Materials 

It is important to know if the label substrate is compatible with wax resin ribbons. Suitable substrates include materials like coated woodfree paper, art paper, polypropylene synthetic labels and polyester paper. Understanding the label material’s surface properties and requirements will guide you to understanding if the wax resin formulation is ideal.

Printing Speed and Temperature 

Different printing speeds and temperature settings can impact the performance of wax resin ribbons. Learn the specifics of your printing device so you can adjust the parameters to ensure optimal print quality. With the right print speed and temperature, you can prevent issues such as ribbon smudging or poor adhesion.

Printer Compatibility

Ensure that your wax resin ribbon is compatible with your thermal transfer printer model. Depending on the width, core size and winding direction of your printer, mismatched ribbon manufacturers might not be suitable for your printing needs. Save on costs when you refer to the printer’s manual or consult with the manufacturer to determine the proper ribbon specifications for your printer.

Environmental Factors

Wax resin ribbons offer good resistance to moisture, chemicals, and temperature fluctuations. Even so, it is best to store them in cool, dry settings and in their original packing so they will not be scratched or damaged before you start using them.

Advantages of Using Wax Resin Ribbon for Thermal Transfer Printing

Using wax resin ribbon for thermal transfer printing offers several advantages and is the perfect meeting point for durability and cost-effectiveness. 

High Durability and Resistance

Wax resin ribbons provide excellent durability, making them suitable for applications that require resistance to abrasion, moisture, and chemicals. If your product will be handled by many parties and will be in changing environments while in transport, wax resin ribbons ensure they remain legible and intact.

Excellent Print Quality and Definition

Wax resin ribbons offer superior print quality, ensuring sharp and clear images, barcodes, and text. Expect high-contrast prints as the ink transfers smoothly onto the right label substrate. 

Versatility in Printing on Different Materials

Wax resin ribbons are compatible with a wide range of label materials, including both paper and synthetic substrates. If your business has a variety of products that have different substrate needs, opt for wax resin ribbons for reliability across various applications.

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