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Paper Rolls, NCR Paper Rolls

Type 7670 (2ply) [100 rolls]

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Unit Price: $0.95 per roll

Product Description
1. NCR paper rolls. Commonly used in retail, F&B and hotel kitchen printer
2. Suitable for all impact printers such as Citizen, Epson, IBM, Micros, NCR, Star Micronics
3. Extra white first ply for higher contrast image
4. High quality carbonless second layer for crisp and clear print out
5. Thicker paper for better feel and more tear resistant when exposed to moisture
6. Less paper dust to increase printer lifespan
7. Lint-free paper to reduce occurance of printer jam
8. Packed in packs of 10 in transparent shrink wrap to protect rolls from moisture, water & dust 

Size Guide/Equipment Specs
Core: 12mm x 20mm wooden
Width: 76MM (+/- 1-2mm)
Diameter: 70MM (+/- 1-2mm)
Layer: Double Ply
Coating: Outside
Colour: White/ Yellow
Print image: First layer depends on ribbon/ Second layer: Blue
Packing: 100 rolls per box

Product Care/Maintenance
* Optimum thermal paper storage condition: Thermal paper products should be stored in a dark place at a relative humidity between 45 percent and 65 percent and a temperature below 26 degree celcius to assure satisfactory performance for at least three years from the date of manufacture.

More Information
We offer custom printing with artwork up to 4 colours on both white & yellow layer for marketing purposes. Below are information that we can print:
1. Logo
2. QR code
3. Watermarks
4. Terms and condition
5. Marketing message
6. Social media information
7. Terms & Conditions

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