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Paper Rolls, Thermal Rolls

Thermal Paper Rolls Type 8076 S Series [60 rolls]

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Unit Price: $1.30 per roll

Product Description
1. Thermal paper rolls commonly used in retail and F&B Outlets
2. Available in coreless or with paper core
3. Standard Sensitivity & Durable Image Life between 1-2 years *
4. End mark printed
5. Packed in packs of 5 in transparent shrink wrap to protect paper from moisture, water & dust
6. White, glossy, smooth, low-dust thermal paper roll providing clear and dark printing
7. Customised pre-printed roll available, call us today to find out more!
8. Can be shipped in 20 or 40-footer container and can be mixed with different paper roll sizes

* Subject to proper storage conditions

Size Guide/Equipment Specs
Core: 12mm x 20mm wooden
Width: 80MM (+/- 1-2mm)
Diameter: 76MM (+/- 1-2mm)
Layer: Single Ply
Coating: Outside
Colour: White
Print image: Black
Packing: 60 rolls per box

Product Care/Maintenance
* Optimum thermal paper storage condition: Thermal paper products should be stored in a dark place at a relative humidity between 45 percent and 65 percent and a temperature below 26 degree celcius to assure satisfactory performance for at least three years from the date of manufacture.

More Information
We offer custom printing with artwork up to 4 colour both at the front and back of the receipt for marketing purposes. Below are information that we can print:

1. Logo
2. QR code
3. Watermarks
4. Terms and condition
5. Marketing message
6. Social media information

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