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Black Trash Bag, Kitchen Essential

36×48-inch Black Trash Bags [10 packets]

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Unit Price: $6.00 per packet

Black Trash Bag 36″x48″ : Product Description

These durable bags are commonly used in hotels, offices and homes, providing our customers with a pleasant cleaning experience
1. Trash bags are packed in sheet form for easy storage and take up less space

Size Guide/Equipment Specs

Width: 36 +/- inches
Height: 48 +/- inches
Thickness: 0.045mm
Packing: 10 packets per bag
Pack Size: 35 Pcs Per Packet +/- 5 pcs
Colour: Black

Black Trash bag: Generous Size for Efficient Waste Disposal

With dimensions of 36″x48″, our black trash bags are spacious enough to accommodate a significant amount of waste. Their large size ensures that you can dispose of your trash efficiently, reducing the need for frequent bag changes. Whether it’s bulky items, sharp objects, or heavy loads, these bags can handle the toughest challenges with ease.


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