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Food & Beverage

Food safety is paramount to the day to day operation in the food industry


Food label is one of the most important and direct means for sellers to communicate product information to buyers. Labels also allow customers and potential customers to differentiate between individual foods and brands to make informed food choices at point of sale, before consuming. It also helps consumers to identify a food product in the event of a food safety incident.


Labelling of foodstuffs at the manufacturer’s worksite may take place under challenging conditions: damp and cold surfaces, and products that are at times already deep-frozen, or hot-filled and then cooled. Depending on the product, the surface can also be greasy.


Below are some pointers to consider when deciding on the best labeling solutions:

⇨ Surface on which label will be used on: Wood, Plastic, Glass, Metal

⇨ Operation environment: Deep freeze area, humid environment, greasy environment 

⇨ Method of application: Manual, high-speed labeling, Wipe-on labeling


Our strengths:

⇨ Labels in various format; roll, z-fold, sheet

⇨ Labels with different print method; thermal transfer or direct thermal

⇨ Adhesive for humid or deep-frozen environment 

⇨ Material that offers secure final adhesion to a wide ranging surface type

⇨ Materials suitable for application to frozen goods and later storage and transportation

⇨ Optional permanent, removable, repositionable adhesive and perforation pattern 

⇨ Removable labels and adhesive with residue for central kitchen using dishwasher