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Why Direct Thermal Labels are Essential for Your Business

  • June 21 2023

Direct thermal labels - Gosei Imaging

Direct thermal labels are an indispensable asset to business operations in various industries. From e-commerce to shipping and logistics, they offer numerous benefits that help to speed up the process of inventory monitoring, parcel tracking and check-outs. In this article, we will explore the significance of direct thermal labels and how they can optimise your processes.

What are Direct Thermal Labels?

This thermal labels are labels specifically designed for direct thermal printing technology. Unlike other label printing methods, such as thermal transfer printing, direct thermal printing uses thermosensitive paper that ‘discolours’ when exposed to heat to imprint text and codes. This eliminates the need for ink, toner, or ribbons and streamlines the printing process. They are commonly used to print barcodes to make information management just one scan away.

 Advantages of Direct Thermal Labels

There are various benefits of using direct thermal labels to improve the efficiency of your operations.

Cost-effective solution 

This thermal labels do not require additional supplies like ink, toner or ribbons. By eliminating the recurring cost of associated material, it will save costs in the long run.

Easy to use 

Loading this thermal label rolls into thermal printers is a straightforward process. With minimal setup and maintenance, it is easy to train staff to implement the labelling procedure. Most printers support various label sizes and formats so you can remain flexible in your printing requirements.

Eco-Friendly Option 

This thermal labels eliminate the need for ink cartridges and toners. This reduces the waste generated from replacing used cartridges with new ones every time it runs out. Take little steps to minimise your environmental impact by switching to direct thermal labels.

Flexible Applications 

High-quality direct thermal labels are resilient against water, chemicals and harsh environments. With the right adhesive properties, they can be applied on a wide variety of surfaces for smooth inventory management and asset tracking.


Importance of Direct Thermal Rolls in the F&B industry 

Right labelling can make a huge difference to health, safety, and cost savings in various industries. Product labelling of foodstuffs is essential for consumers to know what they are ingesting and for merchants to keep track of product batches. Essential information like allergen information and date of manufacture needs to be on the product at all times. The F&B supply chain sees drastic changes in temperatures with coldrooms, deep-freezing and heat application during packing and transportation that can lead to condensation on packaging. Getting durable labels that stay on despite environmental changes are extremely important for food safety.

Get high quality Direct Thermal Rolls at Gosei Imaging 

We understand the importance of durable labels that stay on to any product surface through the entire lifecycle of a product. Our thermal rolls are available in various sizes and formats so you can find the dimensions that suit your needs. Expect our adhesives to withstand both humid and deep-frozen environments and stay on to a wide variety of surface types.  With permanent, removable and repositionable adhesive options, get the right roll for your industry in just one click.

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