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A Guide to Thermal Paper Rolls: What You Need to Know

  • May 23 2023


 thermal paper roll in singapore - gosei imaging

Thermal paper rolls, which are an integral component among the myriad of remarkable innovations that facilitate the seamless operation of businesses worldwide, epitomize the convergence of practicality and sophistication. These rolls have emerged as an efficient medium for printing tickets and receipts due to their distinctive composition, which includes a paper substrate adorned with a heat-sensitive coating. Exploring the innermost intricacies of their functionality reveals the reasons behind their ubiquitous adoption across diverse industries.

How do thermal paper rolls work?

A thermal printer feeds thermal paper rolls into its system, which contains a grid of heating elements. The heating elements apply heat to the paper, resulting in a chemical reaction with the heat-sensitive coating and instantly printing images or text. Service industries extensively utilize these printers for various purposes, including generating retail receipts, printing movie tickets, creating labels, producing patient wristbands in hospitals, fulfilling kitchen orders, and more.

Let’s take a look at the benefits of the paper rolls:

Benefits of thermal paper rolls 


Since the mechanism uses heat transfer for printing, thermal rolls do not require ink or toner. This can help to save costs in the long run as the only recurring purchase will be the thermal rolls. When stored correctly, each printed image can last up to 4 years.

Speedy Transactions

Thermal paper rolls make the printing process amazingly fast to speed up queues. In fast-paced environments like retail sectors, shaving a few seconds from every customer can help your business meet demand faster without long waiting times.

Branding Opportunity

Since every customer receives a receipt after making a purchase. You can customize the receipts into branding and marketing material for your business. Here is some content that can be added to either the front or back of your thermal rolls:

  1. Logo
  2. QR code
  3. Watermarks
  4. Terms and condition
  5. Marketing message
  6. Social media information

Tips to store thermal paper rolls to enhance durability

Store in a cool, dry place

Thermal rolls in Singapore should be especially stored away from sunlight and heat sources. The high temperatures and humidity in Singapore can affect the lifespan of the thermal rolls so they need to be stored in a cool, dry place both before and after they have been printed on. 

Keep in original packaging

Thermal rolls are typically packaged in shrink wrap to avoid environmental damage. Keep them in original packing to protect them from moisture and dust, until they need to be restocked.

Avoid Excessive Handling

Thermal paper is very thin, making it creased easily. Excessive touching of the heat-sensitive layer before inserting it into the printer can damage it. To prevent any damage or scratches on the paper, minimize contact with the exposed surfaces while refilling the rolls.

Get Thermal Paper Rolls in Singapore with Gosei Imaging 

If you are looking for high quality thermal paper rolls in Singapore, Gosei Imaging has a range of rolls that can suit your printing device. The rolls come in either core or coreless structures depending on your preference and have high thermal sensitivity for clear dark imaging. Expect each print to remain on the receipt up to 4 years when handled and stored correctly. Our glossy thermal paper has less paper dust which can increase the printer lifespan and we provide pre-print thermal paper rolls customisations for your business’ needs.

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